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What We Do

Based in Stanford, California, NeuroCompass utilizes fMRI technology coupled with proprietary methodologies and algorithms to ascertain emotional arousal and valence, and to predict both preference and willingness to purchase. Key areas of investigation include branding, packaging, pricing, and promotions.

Peer-reviewed research has found that only fMRI provides accurate and reliable information on the activation of sub-cortical deep brain regions implicated in emotion and motivation.

Our team is composed of world-renowned neuroscientists, market researchers, psychologists, mathematicians, and statisticians. In addition to detailed analysis reports, every NeuroCompass project deliverable includes a high-impact senior executive summary containing key insights, meaningful hypothesis, and actionable recommendations. We are determined to bring scientific rigor, ethics, and transparency into all that we do and to drive the industry to similar high standards. As such, NeuroCompass is fully accredited by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) as established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

We Believe That:

We Provide

  • Best Design/Packaging
  • Effective Promotions
  • Most Powerful Brands
  • Optimal Pricing
  • Strategic Consulting

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Clients Say...

“NeuroCompass is the most scientifically grounded neuromarketing research company in the market – full stop. Where others rely on pseudo-science, you put forward real science and real results which we can use with our clients.” – VP Research top 10 global advertising agency
“In our rebranding initiative, we tested several video commercials and were able to actually see the frame-by-frame levels of emotional attraction, aversion, and engagement. The end result was a superior campaign effort. We are very pleased and will continue using NeuroCompass.” - CMO top 5 global technology company